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Website Copy and SEO


Gloucestershire Young Carers



Gloucestershire Young Carers

Website Copy and SEO

Client: Gloucestershire Young Carers (GYC) is a charity that works with, and on behalf of, young people who take on a caring role within the family. They provide young carers with advice, advocacy, support, and safe spaces to share.

Challenge: Refine and deliver a cohesive tone of voice (TOV) for the charity brand.

Create copy for the new website that speaks to all charity stakeholders, whilst conveying key messages: Join. Refer. Donate.

Solution: I worked with the GYC team to create a fresh TOV that sounded inclusive and warm-hearted, without being overly sympathetic. We wanted young carers to feel seen but ultimately empowered.  

Next, I worked closely with both the design and development teams to create copy that spoke to different audiences. The new multi-page site is used to offer support to young carers, help families and professionals refer young carers, and guide people to donate to the charity.

My copy aims to balance information with accessibility and a clear call to action for the different stakeholders.

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